Graphite is available in fine or medium grained grades. PAR Group can manufacture machined components using a wide range of CNC facilities. Quotations can be provided from either existing samples or drawings.

Temperature: Up to +3000°C (begins to oxidise at +400°C).

Key Features: High temperature with excellent chemical resistance. Electrically conductive and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Self-lubricating but non-wetting. High strength.

Fine Grained Graphite

We offer fine grained graphite with differing properties dependent upon intended end use application. When enquiring, please state details of your application so we can offer the most suitable grade.

Applications: Seals, bearings, crucibles, work-holding jigs, carbon brushes, casting rings, piston rings, heating elements, continuous casting dies and spark erosion tools.


Rod Diameter (mm): 3 up to 450
Block Size (mm): up to 1200 x 600 x 300

Note: Fine grade graphite is stronger and more resistant to oxidation than medium grade.

Medium Grained Graphite

Our medium grained graphite materials are available in blocks and rods, please let us know the intended end use application so we can provide you with the most applicable grade.

Applications: Furnace parts, crucibles, heating elements, piston rings, purification systems, extrusion guides, moulds, heating elements, self-lubricating bearings, trays and jigs.

Please note: 


Rod Diameter (mm): 3 up to 700
Block Size (mm): up to 3100 x 915 x 375

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