TICO Anti-Vibration Mounts

PAR Group are an approved distributor for TICO anti-vibration products. The TICO range of materials are designed to reduce vibration and noise and are commonly used in various applications including machinery mounting, building support and pipework. The following are our most common types of TICO anti-vibration products. Please follow the links for more detailed information. If you are unsure as to which is the most suitable material for your application, please contact our sales office.

TICO S - General Purpose TICO ZPA - Machinery Mounting TICO LFPA - Low Frequency
TICO S Anti-Vibration Material TICO Z/PA Anti-Vibration Material TICO LF/PA Anti-Vibration Material
TICO CFPA - Critical Frequency TICO High Duty Fabric Reinforced TICO Pipe Grips
TICO CF/PA Anti-Vibration Material TICO Hi-Duty Anti-Vibration Material TICO Pipe Grips Anti-Vibration Material
TICO Clip Strips TICO Adjustamounts TICO Adhesives
TICO Clip Strips Anti-Vibration Material TICO Adjustamounts Anti-Vibration Material TICO Adhesive


Alternative Product - Vidam VM

We also offer Vidam anti-vibration material as an alternative to TICO. Vidam VM is a general purpose machine mounting material constructed from a nitrile rubber/granulated cork composite material. Please follow the link below for more information.

Vidam VM Anti-Vibration Material    
Vidam Anti-Vibration Material    

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