TICO Anti-Vibration Mounts

TICO Anti-Vibration Materials

As an approved distributor of TICO anti-vibration products, we supply a wide range of mounting pads and accessories that are designed to isolate vibration, provide effective resistance against shock, and offer excellent resilience to high dynamic and static loads.

TICO is primarily used in demanding engineering applications to help avoid breakdown to machinery and equipment. It is often implemented in foundation inertia block installations to form an effective method of vibration isolation or, dependent on the grade, as an impact pad for hammer anvils in heavy industry. Other uses include anti-vibration pads for HVAC systems and structural vibration pads on power generators.

Our most popular stocked grade is TICO S, which is manufactured from a blend of neoprene, nitrile and selected cork fibres. It provides a maximum working load capacity of 50,000 Kg/m² and is compatible with a wide range of machine bases. TICO S is easy to install and can either be bonded to surfaces using TICO branded adhesive or mechanically bolted between the machine base and the floor. We also have the capability to machine TICO S to suit your specific requirements utilising in-house CNC cutting machinery if required.

A range of other TICO mounting pads providing additional characteristics such as high shock absorption, low frequency vibration isolation and enhanced load bearing capacities are available from PAR Group. We also supply a range of accessories such as machinery levelling mounts or pipework supports if required

For more information regarding the options available, please click the 'view product' buttons below. If you are still unsure about which grade of TICO is suitable for your application, please contact our technical sales team who will be happy to assist you.

TICO Anti-Vibration Availability

TICO S Anti-Vibration Material
TICO S General Purpose

Our standard and most popular grade, TICO S is manufactured from a blend of nitrile, neoprene and cork particles. It can withstand very high dynamic and static loads without physical breakdown and is used in a wide range of machinery mounting applications. Max load: 0.5 MN/m². Temperature range of -40°C up to +100°C.

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TICO Z/PA Anti-Vibration Material
TICO ZPA Machinery Mounting

Manufactured from a blend of neoprene and cork particles, TICO ZPA is suitable for structural stress bearing applications or as a mounting pad for heavy machinery or equipment. It provides a higher maximum working stress limit compared to TICO S. Max load: 1.4 MN/m². Temperature range of -40°C up to +100°C.

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TICO LF/PA Anti-Vibration Material
TICO LFPA Low Frequency

Available in two grades that provide different load bearing capacities. TICO LFPA offers high lateral stability and is specifically designed for low frequency vibration applications. It is commonly used on HVAC systems or as an isolated inertia block. Max load: 0.07 MN/m² or 0.70 MN/m². Temperature range of -30°C up to +70°C.

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TICO CF/PA Anti-Vibration Material
TICO CFPA Critical Frequency

Manufactured from a micro cellular rubber sponge. CFPA is designed to compensate for small surface irregularities and is available in two grades that provide different load bearing capacities for use in low frequency applicationsMax load: 0.1 MN/m² or 0.25 MN/m². Temperature range of -40°C to +70°C.

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TICO Hi-Duty Anti-Vibration Material
TICO High Duty Fabric Reinforced

TICO high duty fabric reinforced mounting pads are designed to absorb highly destructive impacts and shock loads without losing efficiency and can also effectively withstand damp conditions. Max load (grade dependent):  7 MN/m² or 15.5 MN/m². Temperature range of -40°C up to +100°C or -40°C up to +80°C.

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TICO Pipe Grips Anti-Vibration Material
TICO Pipe Grips

Manufactured from a zinc plated metal u-bolt with either a ribbed rubber, PTFE lined or silicone inner sleeve. TICO pipe grips are used to isolate vibration between pipework and the hanger and help to prolong the service life of pipes. They can also prevent against corrosion and cater for pipe expansion and contraction.

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TICO Clip Strips Anti-Vibration Material
Tico Clip Strips

A quick and easy way to isolate vibration and shock between pipework and the hanger. TICO clip strips are available in three different grades and can be effortlessly affixed or cut to size to suit your application.

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TICO Adjustamounts Anti-Vibration Material
TICO Adjustamounts

A complete mounting kit available in a range of stud sizes and heights. TICO Adjustamounts provide an effective solution to machinery that needs a high degree of levelling for precision operation.

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TICO Adhesive
TICO Adhesives

A synthetic elastomer based adhesive specifically designed for bonding TICO pads to most surfaces and machine structures. TICO contact adhesive provides an estimated coverage of 4m² per litre.

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