Shadow Boards

Shadow Board with Tools Shadow Board without Tools

Shadow boards are an ideal way to store tools, cleaning materials and other equipment within your working environment enabling you to quickly identify missing items. This can help reduce downtime, improve hygiene, reduce theft and enable a quicker cleaning process. PAR can supply bespoke shadow boards including any combination of tools shown in the PDF below. Company logos and specified text can also be included and PAR will provide an artwork proof of your shadow board in event of order.

Key Features: Maintain an organised workplace, quickly identify missing tools and keep all tools in one place. Help to implement 5S programmes, improve hygiene and can be colour coded for specific areas of use. Custom graphics and logos can be added as required.

Applications: Storage of tools, cleaning materials and other equipment.


Material: 3mm aluminium composite (as standard). Others available upon request.
Sheet Size (mm): Maximum 2440x1220 one piece, larger boards will include joins.

Please provide us with the following information to enable us to quote for your requirements:

  • Tool shadows required.
  • Specific size requirements (if any).
  • Any hygienic holding clips required (see below).
  • Colours required.
  • Any specific artwork, graphics, logos or text.
  • Any tools required from our range (see PDF below).
  • Any pre-drilled holes required (including diameter).

Shadow Board Tools

Shadow Board Tools



A wide range of standard shadow board tools are available to accompany our shadow boards. Please see the PDF below for a full list including part numbers.

Shadow Board Tools - Part Numbers

Hygienic Hanging Clips

Hygenic Holding Clip



We offer hygienic hanging clips as standard for fixing tools and equipment to the shadow boards. These are ideal for applications within the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries.

Part Number Length (mm) Number of Clips
SBHC01* 103 1
SBHC02 600 3
SBHC03 900 5

*standard stocked clip.

Please note: Other clips are available upon request.

Examples of our Shadow Boards

Shadow Board with Tools Shadow Board without Tools  
Shadow Board with Tools Shadow Board without Tools  

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