Lead Vinyl Sheet

Lead Vinyl Sheet - 0.25mm Lead Equivalent 

Lead vinyl sheet (also known as x-ray curtain) is composed of finely divided lead metal particles and pigments with a PVC polymer outer layer. The manufacturing process involves a multi-layer construction that produces a homogeneous sheet. This ensures an even distribution of the lead particles within the vinyl binder, providing a consistent level of protection throughout the sheeting.


Trip curtains, x-ray aprons, theatre room table covers, room / building isolation. Lead vinyl sheet is mostly used within the medical, dental, veterinary, nuclear and x-ray scanning equipment industries.

Key Features

  • Offers excellent protection against x-ray radiation.
  • Embossed finish both sides.


Lead Equivalent Value
- BS3783 (mm)
Roll Size
LVLG-1.2X1-1.1 0.25 3 x 1.2 1.1 Light Green
Technical Specification:

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