PAR Group | IAC Plastics

Industrial Anti Corrosives Ltd (IAC Plastics) 

In 2013, PAR Group acquired the assets of Industrial Anti Corrosives Ltd (trading as IAC Plastics) after the company fell into administration.

IAC Plastics had been established for over 35 years and operated from a 25,000-square-foot premises in Dunnockshaw (near Burnley). Now incorporated into the PAR Group, what was formerly IAC Plastics operates from within our Manchester branch, bringing with them a wide range of plastic engineering expertise and facilities, including multi-axis CNC, turning, routing, cutting, drilling, and milling machines.

Many employees moved over in the process, ensuring PAR Group retained the knowledge and experience required to provide uninterrupted service to pre-existing IAC customers whilst providing a wider range of products and services to their own.