Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting

As one of the UK's leading convertors and precision engineers of plastics, insulation and rubber products, we have our own in-house Water Jet Cutting technology.

This highly advanced machinery uses an extremely high pressure jet of water, or water mixed with an abrasive media, to precision cut a wide range of materials to tolerances as small as 0.1mm. This includes stocked sheeting such as engineering plastics, rubbers, polyurethanes, sponges, foams, insulation boards, industrial laminates, metals and glass reinforced plastics.

Our Water Jet Cutting facilities complement our other extensive machining capabilities which includes CNC machining, cutting, routing, turning, drilling and milling. The added benefits of using high pressure water is that it provides a cleaner finish when cutting softer materials. In addition, harder materials such as glass reinforced plastics and composites, remain unaffected by the heat often generated using conventional machinery.

Our highly experienced team of engineers along with the latest CAD technology enables us to manufacture components to exact specification from small to large scale production requirements. Quotations can be provided from either existing samples or drawings. For orders we prefer to work with customer CAD files such as .dxf or .dwg. However, if these are not available we can create new CAD files from unworn samples or your own dimensional drawings.  If drawings or samples are not available, we may visit your site to take the necessary details required. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Precision cut profiles from soft foam to some of the hardest industrial plastics, laminates and metals. Our service includes OEM parts . 


Sizes / Profiles: Manufactured to order.

Examples of our Water Jet Cutting

Black UHMW WheelBlack UHMWPE Wheel
Tapered Dovetail GasketMachined Tapered Dovetail Gasket
UHMW Change PartMachined Change Part
Mica Joining Plate 
Muscotherm Joining Plate
 Orange Polyurethane RollerOrange Polyurethane Roller
Tufnol Laminate PlateTufnol Laminate Plate
Black Nylon WheelBlack Nylon Wheel
 Sponge RollerSponge Roller
Orange Open Cell Sponge RingOrange Open Cell Sponge Ring
Rubber End BlockRubber End Block
Water Jet Cutting SampleWater Jet Cutting Sample