1200 x 1000 Hybox Plastic Pallet

1200x1000 Hybox Plastic Pallet



The 1200x1000 hybox plastic pallet are manufactured from three core pieces ensures safe storage and is the first hygienic multi-trip packaging that delivers substantial performance.

Temperature: -25°C to +60°C (In cleaning up to 100°C).

Key Features: Ideal within food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Great space saving qualities and is easy to clean and easily transported.


Colour: Grey
Total Length (mm): 1200
Applicable Length (mm): 1162
Total Width (mm): 1000
Applicable Width (mm): 962
Total Height (mm): 168
Applicable Height (mm): 95
Weight (kg): 24

Technical Specification:

Sleeve Dimensions:

Length (mm): 1178
Width (mm): 978
Height (small) (mm): 780
Height (large) (mm): 1040
Weight (small) (kg): 9.1
Weight (large) (kg): 12.1
Wall Thickness (mm): 6
Optional Thickness (mm): 10

Coverlid Dimensions:

Length (mm): 1200
Width (mm): 1000
Height Without Rim (mm): 70
Height With Rim (mm): 76
Weight (kg): 8

Mounted Hybox:

Small (mm): 926
Small Inside Height (mm): 733
Large (mm): 1186
Large Inside Height (mm): 993

Folded Hybox: 

Height (mm): 238

Loading Capacity:

Dynamic (kg): 1000
Static (kg): 1200
Rack (kg): 1000


Small (litre): 820
Large (litre): 1050