Chemical Hose

Our rubber chemical hoses are specifically manufactured for the transfer of harsh chemicals and media, conveying liquids such as organic and inorganic acids, ketones, paints, esters and aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons (dependent on the liner). All types are highly suitable for external applications due to their EPDM outer cover, providing excellent resistance to ozone and weathering. Our UHMW hoses also comply with FDA regulations, making them suitable for use with foodstuffs such as animal and vegetable oils, while the EPDM options are manufactured from an electrically conductive, anti-static rubber compound.

The chemical delivery hoses are typically manufactured with textile fibre ply reinforcements to provide increased working and burst pressures. Our chemical suction hoses include an additional wire helix reinforcement that helps the hose maintain its properties under vacuum applications. 

All our chemical hoses are normally supplied by the metre. Depending on the hose type and size required, minimum orders and pack quantities may apply. We can also supplied hose assemblies pre-fitted with a wide range of hose couplings and clamps to your requirement. Further information, including availability, specification and standards is available by clicking the 'view product' buttons below. Should you need any further information, or would like to discuss your requirements, please contact our technical sales teams.

If you know which hose you require, you can buy them online by clicking the 'Buy Online' button above. By purchasing these products online you'll automatically receive our best prices. You'll also qualify for free UK mainland shipping (subject to location) when the value of goods is over £50. 

Standard Rubber Chemical Hose

6345 - UHMW Chemical Suction and Delivery Hose
6345 - UHMW Chemical Suct & Del

Manufactured with an EPDM outer cover, UHMW liner, and wire helix. 6345 displays excellent chemical, ozone and weather resistance. Available from 10mm - 102mm inside diameter. Temperature range of -25°C up to +100°C. Working pressure of 16 Bar.

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6346 - UHMW Chemical Delivery Hose
6346 - UHMW Chemical Delivery

Similar to 6345, minus the wire helix reinforcement needed for suction. It is suited to chemical, ozone and weather applications and is food approved. Available in 13mm inside diameter. Temperature range of -25°C up to +100°C. Working pressure of 16 Bar.

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6347 - EPDM Chemical Suction and Delivery Hose
6347 - EPDM Chemical Suct & Del

An anti-static, electrically conductive chemical hose. The EPDM rubber liner is suitable for chemical, ozone and weather applications. Available from 25mm - 51mm inside diameter. Temperature range of -35°C up to +95°C. Working pressure of 10 Bar.

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6348 - EPDM Chemical Delivery Hose
6348 - EPDM Chemical Delivery

Similar to 6347 but, without the wire helix reinforcement, is only suitable for delivery applications. The rubber compound is anti-static and conductive. Available from 19mm - 51mm inside diameter. Temperature range of -35°C up to +95°C. Working pressure of 16 Bar.

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