Plugs and Caps


T-plugs are available in a large range of sizes in a medium hardness. The standard colour is red, although other colours are available if required.


Available from 1mm through to 590mm in lengths from 2mm to 600mm. Material styles can vary from soft, medium and hard.

High Temperature Plugs and Caps

Available in a large diameter range in lengths from 13mm through to 50mm. These plugs and caps have a medium feel and a matt finish and will withstand temperatures up to 316°C.

Domed Nut Covers

Domed Nut Covers  Domed Nut Covers - Dimensional Drawing
 Material: LDPE.
 Colours: Black, white or grey.
Product Code Nut Size to Suit D (mm)
DNC-3401 M6 9.8
DNC-3402 M8 12.8
DNC-3403 M10 16.8
DNC-3404 M12 18.8
DNC-3405 M14 21.8
DNC-3406 M16 23.8

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