Stainless Steel Male x Female BSP Bush

Stainless Steel Hexagon Reducing Adaptor
Part Number Size (Male Thread)
HRB-0.25-* 1/4"
HRB-0.375-* 3/8"
HRB-0.5-* 1/2"
HRB-0.75-* 3/4"
HRB-1.0-* 1"
HRB-1.25-* 1¼"
HRB-1.5-* 1½"
HRB-2.0-* 2"
HRB-2.5-* 2½"
HRB-3.0-* 3"
HRB-4.0-* 4"

*Available with any size female thread which is smaller than the male thread (for example, HRB-0.5-0.25 = 1/2" male outer thread x 1/4" female inner thread). Please state female thread required upon enquiry.