45° Carrier Door Brush Strips

Trim measurements and part numbers for the 45° carrier door brush strips.

Selecting your brush strip:

- Refer to the images below for the standard carrier dimensions available.
- See the corresponding section in the table to select your trim length.
- Obtain your part number.
- Carrier lengths are available in 2.0, 2.5 and
 3.0 metre lengths.

Temperature: -40°C up to +100°C


T1 Section   T2 Section
T1 Section 45° Brush Strip   T2 Section 45° Brush Strip
T3 Section   T4 Section
T3 Section 45° Brush Strip   T4 Section 45° Brush Strip
T5 Section   T6 Section
T5 Section 45° Brush Strip   T6 Section 45° Brush Strip

Note: Brush strip sections are manufactured from a durable nylon bristle with a mill finish aluminium carrier. The bristles are held together with a galvanised steel backing (stainless steel backing available upon request) and core wire.

Trim Length Chart:

T1 Section   T2 Section   T3 Section
Trim Part Number   Trim Part Number   Trim Part Number
8mm BS1x8-45   15mm BS2x15-45   17mm BS3x17-45
10mm BS1x10-45   20mm BS2x20-45   20mm BS3x20-45
12mm BS1x12-45   26mm BS2x26-45   26mm BS3x26-45
15mm BS1x15-45   34mm BS2x34-45   34mm BS3x34-45
- -   50mm BS2x50-45   40mm BS3x40-45
- -   - -   44mm BS3x44-45
- -   - -   50mm BS3x50-45
- -   - -   75mm BS3x75-45
- -   - -   100mm BS3x100-45
T4 Section   T5 Section   T6 Section
Trim Part Number   Trim Part Number   Trim Part Number
26mm BS4x26-45   46mm BS5x46-45   210mm BS6x210-45
43mm BS4x43-45   50mm BS5x50-45   250mm BS6x250-45
50mm BS4x50-45   66mm BS5x66-45   300mm BS6x300-45
80mm BS4x80-45   80mm BS5x80-45   - -
102mm BS4x102-45   102mm BS5x102-45   - -
- -   125mm BS5x125-45   - -
- -   150mm BS5x150-45   - -
- -   180mm BS5x180-45   - -

Note: The trim size quoted is mm of brush strip outside of the aluminium fixing carriers. Stainless steel bristle backings are also available upon request.