PVC Flooring

PAR Group supply a range of PVC floorings. They are commonly used for communal areas, walkways and general purpose industrial applications where a tread pattern is required. Below are our most common types. Please follow the links for more information.

PFFC - Flexi Coin PVC Flooring
PFFC - Flexi Coin PVC Flooring

This flex coin flooring is manufactured from hard wearing PVC, its anti-slip properties mean that is can be used in a range of different environments but typically is used on a hard floor to provide insulation properties.

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PFFD - Flexi Dot PVC Flooring
PFFD - Flexi Dot PVC Flooring

Manufactured from light duty PVC with an embossed dot surface that provides anti-slip features. The flooring is easy to install and is fit for use on flooring to provide insulation properties. 

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PFFL - Flexi Line PVC Flooring
PFFL - Flexi Line PVC Flooring

It's manufactured from PVC making it a good alternative to rubber matting.  It's good for use on areas such as worktops or benches as it has anti-slip properties. 

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PFFR - Flexi Ridge PVC Flooring
PFFR - Flexi Ridge PVC Flooring

This matting is hard wearing and manufactured from PVC. It's often used for flooring solutions as it has anti-slip properties but can also be used as an alternative to rubber runners on production or assembly lines.

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PFLA - Lattice PVC Flooring
PFLA - Lattice PVC Flooring

This lattice flooring is made from hard wearing PVC. The pattern allows for quick drainage of fluids or dust making it a good choice for use in wet areas or areas where liquid spillage is common.  

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PFCQ - Chequer Plate PVC Flooring
PFCQ - Chequer Plate PVC Flooring

A chequer plate matting manufactured from PVC that’s hard wearing, and has anti slip properties.  Can be applied to wet and dry areas, this flooring offers insulation to the surface it’s applied to. 

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