PVC & Rubber Flooring Adhesive

PVC & Rubber Flooring Adhesive

PVC & rubber flooring adhesive is a two-component epoxy polyurethane adhesive suitable for bonding a wide range of materials onto dry surfaces including asphalt, concrete, metal, plastic, rubber and wood. The adhesive has excellent resistance to moisture and ageing, good resistance to oils, solvents, acids and alkalis and is flexible. PVC & rubber flooring adhesive is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can handle heavy foot traffic once bonded.


Excellent for bonding PVC, rubber, polystyrene, plastic laminates, polyurethane, fibrous concrete, wood, sheet metal, tile, textile and linoleum. The adhesive can also bond rubber flooring onto asphalt bases (including athletics tracks and artificial grass pitches).


Product Code Container Size (kg)
ADFG19-2KG 2 kg
ADFG19-5KG 5 kg
ADFG19-10KG 10 kg

Note: Estimated coverage per 2kg = 4m², 5kg = 10 m², 10kg = 20 m². Application temperature range during installation must be between +10oC to +30oC. This product has a shelf life of 24 months. 

Technical Specification:

Note: As with all adhesives, PAR Group offers no guarantees on the suitability or success of the bond achieved. Please ensure the manufacturer's instructions are followed and that safety datasheets are read prior to use.