SLIL - Interflex Shower Matting

SLIL - Interflex Leisure Matting AFIW - Connectors



SLIL - interflex shower matting is manufactured from strong, non-porous PVC sections with chanelled underbars. The product has been designed to automatically self-drain large amounts of water in all directions, eliminating puddles in wet areas. Interflex is resistant to bacterial and fungal growth and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Key Features: Excellent wear resistance, very good slip resistance and very good anti-fatigue.


Prouct Code 

(Oxford Blue)

Product Code 

(Ocean Blue)

Product Code 

(Charcoal Grey)

Product Code

(Forest Green)

Product Code 

(Mulberry Red)





Oxford Blue Ocean Blue Charcoal Grey Forest Green Mulberry Red - -
SLIL-OXB-10X0.5 SLIL-OCB-10X0.5 SLIL-CG-10X0.5 SLIL-FG-10X0.5 SLIL-MR-10X0.5 10 x 0.5 10.5
SLIL-OXB-10X1.0 SLIL-OCB-10X1.0 SLIL-CG-10X1.0 SLIL-FG-10X1.0 SLIL-MR-10X1.0 10 x 1.0 10.5
SLIL-OXB-10X1.22 SLIL-OCB-10X1.22 SLIL-CG-10X1.22 SLIL-FG-10X1.22 SLIL-MR-10X1.22 10 x 1.22 10.5
AFIW-Conn Connector clips for side or end joining.

Note: Mulberry Red is not colourfast in direct sunlight.

Examples of Available Colours

Oxford Blue Ocean Blue Charcoal Grey
SLILOXB - Oxford Blue SLILOCB - Ocean Blue SLILCG - Charcoal Grey
Forest Green Mulberry Red  
SLILFG - Forest Green SLILMR - Mulberry Red