Aisle Marking Tape

Aisle Marking Tapes

Self-adhesive backed aisle marking tapes are an ideal solution for highlighting walkways, loading bays and any areas that require increased visibility. Commonly used in commercial environments such as warehouses, factories and garages, aisle marking tapes are a popular line marking alternative over traditional methods, such as resin or paint.

Manufactured from 1mm PVC, the bevelled edges of our marking tapes provide a hard-wearing solution to cope with heavy machinery such as forklift trucks along with pedestrian traffic of varying volumes. Furthermore, the homogenous construction of the tape means that the colour will remain unaffected if scratched or scuffed.

Adhering floor tapes to surfaces can be achieved by peeling the reverse and applying accordingly. There is no curing time involved, creating an instant marked area. The tape can also be easily removed for temporary applications.

As standard, our aisle marking tapes are supplied in 30m rolls which can be purchased in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm widths and numerous colours to suit. For bespoke applications, we can manufacture a range of cut shapes such as numbers, letters and arrows if required. For more information on bespoke applications, please contact our technical sales team.

Our standard range of aisle marking tapes are available to purchase online at PAR Direct by clicking the ‘buy online’ button above. If the value of your goods is over £50 (exc VAT), you’ll also qualify for free UK standard delivery subject to location.

Aisle Marking Tape Availability

Product Code
(50mm Wide Rolls)
Product Code
(75mm Wide Rolls)
Product Code
(100mm Wide Rolls)
Roll Length
AMT-YW-50 AMT-YW-75 AMT-YW-100 30 Yellow
AMT-BE-50 AMT-BE-75 AMT-BE-100 30 Blue
AMT-OE-50 AMT-OE-75 AMT-OE-100 30 Orange
AMT-RD-50 AMT-RD-75 AMT-RD-100 30 Red
AMT-GN-50 AMT-GN-75 AMT-GN-100 30 Green
AMT-WE-50 AMT-WE-75 AMT-WE-100 30 White
AMT-BK-50 AMT-BK-75 AMT-BK-100 30 Black
AMT-GLOW-50 AMT-GLOW-75 AMT-GLOW-100 30 Glow
AMT-HRW-50 AMT-HRW-75 AMT-HRW-100 30 Red/White (Hazard)
AMT-HBY-50 AMT-HBY-75 AMT-HBY-100 30 Black/Yellow (Hazard)

Examples of our Aisle Marking Tape Colours

Yellow Aisle Marking Tape
Yellow Aisle Marking Tape
Blue Aisle Marking Tape
Blue Aisle Marking Tape
Red Aisle Marking Tape
Red Aisle Marking Tape
Orange Aisle Marking Tape
Orange Aisle Marking Tape
Black Aisle Marking Tape
Black Aisle Marking Tape
Green Aisle Marking Tape
Green Aisle Marking Tape
White Aisle Marking Tape
White Aisle Marking Tape
Glow Aisle Marking Tape
Glow Aisle Marking Tape
Red/White (Hazard) Aisle Marking Tape
Red/White (Hazard) Aisle Marking Tape
Black/Yellow (Hazard) Aisle Marking Tape
Black/Yellow (Hazard) Aisle Marking Tape

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