Keg Drop Mats

Keg Drop Mats




Keg Drop Mats are commonly used in the Brewing and Beverage Industry to cushion the impact of kegs during unloading and transportation. This helps to reduce the risk of injury and also protects the floor and keg from damage. Our Keg Drop Mats are manufactured from durable PVC coated polyester fabric which encapsulates a foam inner. Eyelets and bungee cord are incorporated along with a fabric handle in the corner for ease of handling. We offer two standard sizes in a range of colours. Bespoke sizes can also be manufactured upon request.

Applications: Cushions the impact of kegs during unloading and transportation.


KDMYW-1000 1000 1000 300 Yellow
KDMYW-600 600 600 300 Yellow
KDMBE-1000 1000 1000 300 Blue
KDMBE-600 600 600 300 Blue
KDMGN-1000 1000 1000 300 Green
KDMGN-600 600 600 300 Green
KDMBK-1000 1000 1000 300 Black
KDMBK-600 600 600 300 Black
KDMRD-1000 1000 1000 300 Red
KDMRD-600 600 600 300 Red
KDMWE-1000 1000 1000 300 White
KDMWE-600 600 600 300 White

Please note: Our keg drop mats are supplied with a 95Kg/m³ foam inner as standard. Many other densities of foam inners are available upon request. Please state at point of enquiry should you require a different density of foam.

Technical Specification

Technical Data Sheet - Upholstery Foam (Recon Grade)

Technical Data Sheet - PVC Coated Polyester (610gsm)

Examples of our Crash Mats and Pads

Keg Drop Mat    
Keg Drop Mat    

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