Type A - Brass Camlock

Type A - Brass Camlocks

Type A - Brass Camlock has a male camlock coupling to female BSPP thread. Please refer to the availability table below for the full range of standard sizes we supply. Type A - brass camlocks are also available to buy online at PAR Direct by clicking the link above.


Product Code Size
A50BR ½"
A75BR 3/4"
A100BR 1"
A125BR 1¼"
A150BR 1½"
A200BR 2"
A250BR 2½"
A300BR 3"
A400BR 4"
A500BR 5"
A600BR 6"
Note: Camlock manufacturers will not guarantee that their parts will interchange or be compatible with those from an alternative supplier. To avoid issue, you may wish to purchase the matching part with your order.

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