Female Fire Coupling x Hose Tail

Female Fire Coupling x Hose Tail  Female Fire Coupling x Hose Tail (Dimensional Drawing)

BS 336 female fire coupling x hose tail are available in either aluminium or gunmetal and are supplied with hose tails ranging from 1" up to 3" in size. The fitting is used to create a connection to a length of hose and an instantaneous male fitting.

Female fire x hose tail couplings are available to purchase on PAR Direct in aluminium and gunmetal by clicking the 'buy online' button above.

Max. Working Pressure

  • 16 Bar (232 psi).


Note: EPDM fire coupling seals are included as standard. 

Product Code
Product Code
Female Instantaneous
(Size ØA)
Hose Tail
(Size ØB)
FC1F1HT-A - 2½" 1"
FC1F-A FC1F-GM 2½" 1½"
FC2F-A FC2F-GM 2½" 1¾"
FC3F-A FC3F-GM 2½" 2"
FC4F-A FC4F-GM 2½" 2½"
FC5F-A FC5F-GM 2½" 2¾"
FC6F-A - 3"