Gate Valves

Gate valves can be applied both above and underground. They are most commonly used to isolate pipe lines when minimum pressure loss and a full bore is required. Gate valves are designed for fully open or fully closed service and should not be used to regulate fluid or gas flow in any other position.

Brass Gate Valve BSPT Female Thread

Brass Gate Valve BSPT Female  



Maximum Working Pressure: 20 bar. 

Temperature: -10°C to +180°C.

Standards: BS 5154 approved.


Product Code (Brass) Size Thread Type 
BRGATEVALVE-0.25 ½" Female > Female BSPT
BRGATEVALVE-0.75 ¾" Female > Female BSPT
BRGATEVALVE-1.0 1" Female > Female BSPT
BRGATEVALVE-1.25 1¼" Female > Female BSPT
BRGATEVALVE-1.5 1½" Female > Female BSPT
BRGATEVALVE-2.0 2" Female > Female BSPT
BRGATEVALVE-2.5 2½" Female > Female BSPT
BRGATEVALVE-3.0 3" Female > Female BSPT
BRGATEVALVE-4.0 4" Female > Female BSPT

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet

Stainless Steel Gate Valve BSPP Female Thread

Stainless Steel Gate Valve BSPP Female  



Maximum Working Pressure: 16 bar.

Temperature: -25°C to +180°C.

Standards: ATEX approved.


Product Code (Stainless Steel) Size Thread Type
SSGATEVALVE-0.25 ¼" Female > Female BSPP
SSGATEVALV-0.375 ⅜" Female > Female BSPP
SSGATEVALVE-0.5 ½" Female > Female BSPP
SSGATEVALVE-0.75 ¾" Female > Female BSPP
SSGATEVALVE-1.0 1" Female > Female BSPP
SSGATEVALVE-1.25 1¼" Female > Female BSPP
SSGATEVALVE-1.5 1½" Female > Female BSPP
SSGATEVALVE-2.0 2" Female > Female BSPP

Technical Specification: 

Techincal Data Sheet

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