Eurac Couplings

Eurac Couplings

Eurac Couplings are used to connect unthreaded or threaded pipework by providing an equalised pressure seal to the entire surface area without distorting the wall. They are available in galvanised steel, stainless steel and come with zinc plated bolts. Type H, 3 bolt Eurac couplings are supplied as standard, complete with a white food quality Nitrile gasket with eyelets for electrical conductivity. We also offer a 4 bolt version upon enquiry. 


Eurac couplings are used in pneumatic conveying (diluted and heavy concentration light particles), vacuum or pressure systems.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -30°C to +110°C (with white food quality white Nitrile gasket).
  • Effective way to connect unthreaded or threaded pipework.
  • Easy to install. 


Number of Bolts:  3 (as standard), 4 (upon request)
Material:  Galvanised steel (as standard), stainless steel (upon request)

The below table shows the most popular sizes of our 3 bolt Eurac couplings and product codes.

(To Suit Pipe OD - mm)


Length (mm)


of Bolts 


EUH48.3G3B 48.3 150 3 M12
EUH50.8G3B 50.8 150 3 M12
EUH60.3G3B 60.3 150 3 M12
EUH63.5G3B 63.5 150 3 M12
EUH76.1G3B 76.1 150 3 M12
EUH88.9G3B 88.9 150 3 M16
EUH101.6G3B 101.6 150 3 M16
EUH114.3G3B 114.3 150 3 M16
EUH127G3B 127 150 3 M16
EUH139.7G3B 139.7 150 3 M16
EUH154G3B 154 150 3 M16

For a full list of the Eurac Type H couplings we have available and their product codes please view the PDF document below. 

Note: Stainless steel 304L couplings are also available upon request. Please replace the 'G' with an 'S' in the product code respectively. 4 bolt couplings are also supplied, please change '3B' to '4B' in the respective product code.

Note: We also offer Type L, Type M, Type HX and Type HL Eurac couplings. For more information please enquire.

Eurac Coupling Gaskets

Eurac Coupling Gaskets

Eurac coupling gaskets are available in a range of materials as shown in the table below. White food quality nitrile gaskets are supplied as standard with Type H couplings and come complete with eyelets fitted to support conductivity.  Please note: replacement gaskets are manufactured without eyelets as standard.  If you require eyelets or earthing strips, please specify at point of enquiry.

 To Suit Coupling Size  Standard Thickness (mm)
 All Eurac type H couplings  3

The table below shows our gasket product codes for the most popular sizes of 3 bolt Eurac couplings.

To Suit Pipe
Diameter (mm)
Food Quality
Nitrile Gasket*
Black SBR 
Rubber Gasket 

White Silicone


48.3  48.3-WFQ-EUG3B  48.3-SBR-EUG3B  48.3-SIL-EUG3B
50.8  50.8-WFQ-EUG3B 50.8-SBR-EUG3B  50.8-SIL-EUG3B
60.3 60.3-WFQ-EUG3B 60.3-SBR-EUG3B 60.3-SIL-EUG3B
63.5 63.5-WFQ-EUG3B  63.5-SBR-EUG3B 63.5-SIL-EUG3B
76.1 76.1-WFQ-EUG3B 76.1-SBR-EUG3B 76.1-SIL-EUG3B
 88.9 88.9-WFQ-EUG3B 88.9-SBR-EUG3B 88.9-SIL-EUG3B
101.6 101.6-WFQ-EUG3B 101.6-SBR-EUG3B 101.6-SIL-EUG3B
114.3 114.3-WFQ-EUG3B 114.3-SBR-EUG3B 114.3-SIL-EUG3B
127 127-WFQ-EUG3B 127-SBR-EUG3B 127-SIL-EUG3B
139.7 139.7-WFQ-EUG3B 139.7-SBR-EUG3B 139.7-SIL-EUG3B
154 154-WFQ-EUG3B 154-SBR-EUG3B 154-SIL-EUG3B

*Supplied as standard with Type H Eurac couplings.

Note: Other materials available upon request. Please enquire.

For a full list of the Eurac coupling gaskets that we have available and their product codes please view the pdf document below.

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