Food Approved Pipeline Pigs

Food Approved Pipeline Pigs

Food approved pipeline pigs are manufactured from either a silicone rubber or polyurethane depending on the application. We offer one standard design, wiping vane pigs as per the image above. Silicone rubber pigs have excellent heat resistant properties and polyurethane pigs have a higher resistance to abrasion. We also a food approved metal detectable pipeline pigs if a detectable cleaning pig is required. The wiping vane pig design is the most advanced solution for food and hygienic applications. Our food approved pipeline pigs are designed specifically for the pipework inside diameter for optimal performance. Please ensure you provide us with the correct pipework details at time of enquiry.


Pipeline cleaning in food and hygienic applications.


  • Conforms to US FDA 21 CFR177.2600 for rubber articles intended for repeated use with food.


The following table shows our part numbers for all sizes and materials available.

Product Code (FDA Polyurethane) Product Code (FDA Silicone) Size* (inch / mm)
- PPV-50FQS 2 / 50
- PPV-62FQS 2½ / 62
- PPV-75FQS 3 / 75
- PPV-100FQS 4 / 100
PPV-125FQP - 5 / 125
PPV-155FQP - 6 / 155
PPV-164FQP - 6½ / 164

*Other sizes may be available upon request.

Please note that the vane design can be incompatible with old style short-length launch/receive stations, pipe routing or unconventional valves. If you are unsure, please provide us with the launch/receive station manufacturers details or a photograph at the time of enquiry.