Polyurethane Roller and Wheel Coating

Polyurethane Roller and Wheel Coating   Polyurethane Roller and Wheel Coating

Polyurethane roller and wheel coating is provided by PAR Group. Polyurethane is an extremely versatile, abrasion resistant material, and is available in a variety of shore hardnesses. For this reason, polyurethane is preferred over rubber in applications that require a more durable coating. Where possible, we can arrange for your polyurethane rollers to be stripped and recovered. New rollers, including metals, can be manufactured to your exact requirements from drawings or samples. We can also repair your journal ends and bearings if required.


Drive rollers, guide wheels, transfer rollers, applications requiring higher abrasion resistance.


Material: Polyurethane.
Shore Hardness (°A): 40 up to 90
Size (maximum): 950mm diameter x 6m long overall (5.5m long face to face).
Weight (tonne - maximum): 2.5.
Colour: Red, orange, blue, green, yellow, white and black.

Note: Other colours available upon request. Colours supplied may vary depending on what pigment we are working with at time of order. 

Technical Specification:

How to Measure a Roller

To enable us to quote for your roller requirements, we normally require the following information:

  • Finished outside diameter ('fod').
  • Inside diameter ('id').
  • Length.
  • Material type including shore hardness, finish and any specific colour requirement.

For new rollers, please provide us with as much information as possible from the PDF diagram below.

Examples of our Polyurethane Roller and Wheel Coating

Polyurethane Roller - Before
Polyurethane Roller - Before
Polyurethane Roller - After
Polyurethane Roller - After
Polyurethane Diabolo Roller
Polyurethane Diabolo Roller