Conveyor Wear Bends

Conveyor Wear Bends 

Conveyor wear bends are commonly used in the food industry to support and guide 'tab and bevel side flexing chains' around corners. They are designed to prevent chain movement, reduce friction and provide a smooth lateral product transfer. PAR manufacture conveyor wear bends from Polyethylene PE1000 - UHMW which provides a high wear resistance and a low coefficient of friction. We offer single or multi-channel bends with or without straights as required. Profiles can be bespoke manufactured to suit your exact requirements.


Support and guide 'tab and bevel side flexing chains' around corners.


Colours: Natural, black and green.
Bend Radius: Manufactured to your requirements.
Size: Manufactured to your requirements.

Note: Other colours and plastic types are available upon request. 

How to Measure a Conveyor Wear Bend

Conveyor wear bends are available as single or multi channel versions and with or without straights. Please click on the type you require below for a detailed drawing showing the dimensions we require for manufacture.

Examples of our Conveyor Wear Bends

Single Channel Wear Bends
 Single Channel Wear Bends
Multi Channel Wear Bend
Multi Channel Wear Bends

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