PVC Door Kits

PAR Group can manufacture PVC door kits complete with strips cut to the required length and fitted with stainless steel plates. Hanging rails are also included and coloured strips for the edges can be supplied as an optional extra. Please provide us with the following information to enable us to quote for your requirements:

  • Dimensions of the opening (width and height).
  • Location (inside, outside or partition).
  • Type and frequency of traffic.
  • Grade of strip required.
  • Static or sliding system.

 A range of our standard PVC door curtain kits are also available to buy at PAR Direct by clicking the link above.

Hanging your PVC Door Kit

Install the hanging rails - fix the hanging rails above the opening as required.

Hang the strips - begin hanging the strips in two rows. Hang the back row first, leaving an odd number of hooks between the plates (see illustration below). Then hang the front row covering the open hooks left on the back row. Once you have attached all strips, leave them to hang for 24 hours to allow them to settle. They can then be trimmed with a sharp knife if necessary.

Hanging your PVC Door Kit
Number of Hooks to Leave Between Strips
Plate Width (mm) Partial Overlap Full Overlap
200 3 1
300 5 1
400 7 1

We offer either a 'Partial Overlap' or 'Full Overlap'. Our standard is 'Partial' and allows pedestrians and forklift trucks to easily pass through the curtain. Full overlap is mainly used for sound reduction purposes and external applications in harsher weather conditions. Partial overlap will be supplied as standard unless otherwise stated at the time of enquiry.

Note: The information above should be used as a guide only when hanging your PVC door kit.

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