Welding Curtain

Welding PVC Strip Curtain

Welding curtain is designed to provide a safe, durable and economical barrier against sparks and welding arc flashes. The strips are manufactured from PVC and are tinted, inflammable and do not get severely damaged by the welding sparks. PAR Group stock PVC welding curtain in 50 metre rolls. We can also manufacture kits with strips cut to the required length and fitted with stainless steel plates. Hanging rails are also available. Our PVC welding curtain conforms to EN1598*. Custom made, solid screen welding curtains are also available. Welding curtain is available to buy online at PAR Direct by clicking the link above.

*Test data is available upon request.

Key Features

  • Flexible & durable pvc material.
  • Complete kits also available.


Also available: Welding screens in a range of size options.

Roll Size
Roll Length
Product Code
Product Code
Product Code
300 x 2 50 DCWG-300X2 DCWB-300X2 DCWR-300X2 Welding
470 x 0.4 100 DCWG-470X0.4 DCWB-470X0.4 DCWR-470X0.4 Welding
570 x 1 50 DCWG-570X1 DCWB-570X1 DCWR-570X1 Welding

Examples of our Welding Curtain

Welding Curtain Bay

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