Window Film

Window Film


Window Film is a tough polyester laminate designed to reduce heat and glare, provide privacy and increase security to existing windows. It is commonly used in industrial and commercial applications and is available in the following three grades. Our standard Window Film is installed internally and we also offer an on-site fitting service if required.

Safety & Security Grade Window Film

Safety and security grade window film is designed to reduce the risk of fragments of glass flying during accidental breakage and explosion shock waves. It also considerably increases the resistance of glass to break-ins and acts of vandalism. Once installed, glass meets the legal standards that comply to BS EN 12 600 standards.

Product Code

Roll Length (mtrs)

Roll Width (mtrs) Colour
WFSA-CL-30x1.5 30.48 1.52 Safety Clear
WFSA-RF-30x1.5 30.48 1.52

Safety Reflective Silver

Solar Grade Window Film

Solar grade window film addresses specific problems in connection with heat loss or gain and can reduce air conditioning costs. It also gives the glass shatter resistant qualities and provides a one way mirror finish during daylight hours. It is available in a range of colours and can enhance the visual appearance of a building.

Product Code

Roll Length (mtrs)

Roll Width (mtrs) Colour
WFISO-GO-30x1.5 30.48 1.52 Reflective Dark Gold
WFISO-BR-30x1.5 30.48 1.52 Sputtered Medium Bronze
WFISO-GY-30x1.5 30.48 1.52 Reflective Dark Grey
WFISO-RS-30x1.5 30.48 1.52 Reflective Silver

Note: Exterior solar grade window film is available upon request.

Obscure Grade Window Film

Obscure grade window film gives a one way mirror effect to your window providing a high level of privacy and security. It also provides shatter resistant properties and increases insulation. It is easy to clean and can be used to improve the aesthetics of facades and large glass surfaces.

Product Code

Roll Length (mtrs)

Roll Width (mtrs) Colour
WFIOB-SV-30x1.5 30.48 1.52 Privacy Matte Silver
WFIOB-WH-30x1.5 30.48 1.52 Privacy Matte White
WFIOB-BK-30x1.5 30.48 1.52 Privacy Matte Black
WFIOB-BR-30x1.5 30.48 1.52 Privacy Matte Bronze
WFIOB-MI-30x1.5 30.48 1.52 Privacy Mist / Opaque

Window Film Installation Kits

Product Code

Product Type

Product Description

WIND-INST-KIT Window Film Installation Kit Window film installation kit; includes scraper, squeegee and trim tools.
WIND-SPR-32 Spray Bottle and Trigger Heavy duty sprayer; equipped with a strong trigger and holds 32 ounces.
WIND-SOL-1Q  Installation Solution 1 quart concentrate mounting solution.

Note: PAR Group offer an on-site fitting service if required.

Installation & Maintenance Guides:

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