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Flymesh is commonly used to prevent insects passing through open windows or doorways into production areas. It can help protect food production areas from contamination, helping to prevent customer complaints and infringements of environmental health and hygiene regulations. We offer standard rolls or mesh fitted into complete frames to suit your existing windows.

Applications: Prevent insects passing through open windows, doorways and louvre windows.


Type: Standard Pet Mesh Anti-White Fly Aluminium Stainless Steel Food Grade
Product Code: FLYBK-1.2M-1 - - - - -
Base Material: Fibreglass Polyester Polyester Aluminium Stainless Steel Nylon
Coating: PVC PVC PVC n/a n/a n/a
Colour: Black Charcoal and Grey White Natural Natural White
Gauge: 18 x 14 18 x 18 20 x 20 18 x 14 18 x 16 400 (µm) (nominal)
Roll Size (mtrs): 30 x 1.2 50 x 1.2 100 x 2.0 30 x 1.2 30 x 1.2 100 x 1.1

Technical Specifications:

Technical Data Sheet - Standard

Technical Data Sheet - Pet Mesh

Technical Data Sheet - Anti-White Fly

Technical Data Sheet - Aluminium

Technical Data Sheet - Stainless Steel

Technical Data Sheet - Food Grade

Food Contact Information - Food Grade

Flymesh Frame Kits

We can also supply flymesh frame kits. They are manufactured from extruded aluminium with a brown or white powdered coated finish. The frames are 24mm wide x 11mm thickn with mitred corners helds together with aluminium or fibre corner keys. The fly screens also incorporate a nylon brush pile on the back to seal against many common surfaces. A rubber sealing gasket is also included. Our flymesh frames can be supplied with a choice of fly mesh types shown above.

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