Hazard Warning Tape

Hazard Warning Tape




PAR Group offer hazard warning tapes in non-reflective, reflective and luminescent grades manufactured from a self-adhesive film.

Key Features: Highlights hazardous features, easy to apply for instant warning, long lasting adhesive backing and available in three formats to suit most conditions.

Applications: Areas of high risk such as hazardous obstacles, site vehicles, doorways, entrances and exits.

Health & Safety Regulations: Health and safety regulations state that permanent obstructions or danger zones should be marked yellow and black and that temporary obstructions should be marked in red and white.


Grade Width (mm) Length (mtrs) Material Colours
Non-reflective 60 66 Self-adhesive non-reflective film Red / white and yellow / black
Reflective 50 25 Self-adhesive retro-reflective film Red / white and yellow / black
Luminescent* 50, 100 16 Self-adhesive luminescent film Red / lux-white and black / lux-white

*Lux-white is also available upon request.

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