B4 Phenolic Paper Laminate

B4 Phenolic Paper Laminate

B4 phenolic paper laminate is a commercial grade SRBP material specifically developed as a more economically viable, low voltage option compared to B1 and B3. Though B4 displays lower electrical resistance than both B1 and B3, its increased mechanical strength and resistance to impact make it better suited for machined components that don't require medium and high voltage insulation properties. This material is supplied as a direct alternative to genuine TUFNOL® 1P/13.

B4 material is easily processed using traditional machining methods. Tight tolerances can be achieved using our in-house CNC milling, CNC sawing, drilling, turning and routing machinery, allowing us to manufacture highly accurate and intricate components.

B4 is manufactured to BS EN 60893 Standard: 3-4-PFCP201.


B4 is a commercial grade laminate providing good performance in low temperature, low voltage applications. It is frequently used as welding jigs and fixtures, terminal boards, tag strips, coil formers and pipeline insulation.

Key Features

  • Temperature: Up to +100°C continuous (+120°C intermittent).
  • More economical than similar grades B1 and B3.
  • Good electrical and mechanical properties.
  • Easy to machine.


  • BS EN 60893 Standard: 3-4-PFCP201.
  • BS 2572 Standard: P1 (since superseded by BS EN 60893).
  • Closest Nema Standard equivalent: Nema X.
  • Closest MIL Specification: MIL-I-24768/12.


Body Colour: Brown.
Cover Colour: Dark Brown.
Sheet Finish: Satin/Glossy.
Sheet Size (mm): 1220 x 1220.
Sheet Thickness (mm): 0.8 up to 75.
Technical Specification: