6536 - Anti-Static Vacuum Cleaning Hose

6536 - Anti-Static Vacuum Cleaning Hose



6536 - anti-static vacuum cleaning hose is constructed from PE-EVA Co-polymer. It is lightweight, flexible and commonly used for ventilation, domestic and industrial vacuum cleaning, as well as a suction hose for fine grain particles. It has a surface resistance of < 106 Ohm.

Key Features: Lightweight and extremely flexible, robust, crush resistant, UV/ozone proof, air and watertight. Good resistance to oils, alkalis and acids. Manufactured according to TRBS 2153 (Zone 20) for non-flammable dust/bulk solids for conducting electrostatic charges when earthed at both ends of the spiral.

Temperature: -40°C to +60°C.

Applications: Domestic and industrial vacuum cleaning.


Product Code Inside Diameter (mm) Weight Kg/m Bend Radius (mm) Max Vacuum (mmWC) Coil Length (mtr)
6536-25ID 25 0.15 60 7500 15
6536-32ID 32 0.22 70 5000 20
6536-38ID 38 0.29 80 5000 20
6536-51ID 51 0.42 100 4000 20