IBC Buttress Threaded Camlocks

IBC Buttress Threaded Camlocks

IBC buttress threaded camlocks (often referred to as IBC adapters) are based on the German DIN standard DIN6131:1989 and Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's) use the Buttress thread as the standard out-put. PAR Group supply IBC buttress threaded camlocks manufactured from polypropylene and in various types to enable you to connect to your IBC. They are lightweight, have good resistance to chemicals and enable you to quickly connect and disconnect your hose and pipework. The following are the most common types of IBC buttress threaded camlocks are available; please follow the links for sizes and part numbers. If you cannot find the type you require please contact us.

Please note: Camlock manufacturers will not guarantee that their parts will interchange or be compatible with those from an alternative supplier. To avoid issue, you may wish to purchase the matching part with your order.

S60X6 Female Buttress Threaded Adaptors

S60X6 Male Buttress Threaded Adaptors

S60X6 Female Buttress to Hygienic Coupling Adaptors

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