Bridge Clamps

Bridge Clamps

It can be difficult to achieve an effective seal when using standard worm drive clips with flexible ducting due to the spiral helix. Our bridge clamps are manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel and ‘bridge’ the spiral helix to provide an effective clamp and seal. They are easy to use particularly on big diameters and have rounded edges to prevent damage to the ducting. A range of our bridge clamps are available to buy online at PAR Direct by clicking the link above.


Clamping of flexible ducting with a spiral helix. Bridge clamps are suitable for light, medium, heavy and very heavy duty ductings.


To be able to determine the correct bridge clamp for your application, please use the information and diagrams below.

Right Hand Bridge Clamps: When looking at your ducting from the end on, the helix will be spiralling in an anti-clockwise direction towards you. This indicates that you require right hand bridge clamps.

Left Hand Bridge Clamps: When looking at your ducting from the end on, the helix will be spiralling in a clockwise direction towards you. This shows that you require left hand bridge clamps.

Right Hand Bridge Clamps
Left Hand Bridge Clamps 

Right Hand Bridge Clamps

Right Hand Bridge Clamp

Right Hand
Product Code

Size Range

OSR55-75 55-75
OSR65-85 65-85
OSR85-105 85-105



OSR95-115 95-115
OSR115-135 115-135
OSR120-140* 120-140
OSR145-165 145-165
OSR155-175 155-175
OSR165-185 165-185
OSR195-215 195-215
OSR215-235 215-235
OSR220-240* 220-240
OSR255-275 255-275
OSR300-320  300-320
OSR350-370* 350-370

*available while stocks last. May be supplied with single bridge.

Supplied by combining smaller clamps.

Left Hand Bridge Clamps

  Left Hand Bridge Clamp

Left Hand 

Size Range
OSL76-90D 76-90
OSL100-127D 100-127
OSL130-190D 130-190
OSL200-230D 200-230
OSL250-330D 250-330
OSL350-410D 350-410

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