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Bin Activator Silo Bands - Blue

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Bin activator silo bands (also known as silo seals) are designed to create a seal between the mating parts of a silo and help to compensate for vibration. PAR Group offer endless silo bands with a fully vulcanised joint and in either white or blue food quality natural rubber as standard. We offer a range of standard sizes to suit various silo diameters and bespoke sizes can also be manufactured. Bin activator silo bands are commonly held in place by two high torque silo band clamps.

Applications: Vibration compensators and seals in powder transfer applications.


Product Code
(Blue Food Quality)
Product Code
(White Food Quality)
To Suit Silo Diameter
(mm / ft)
Blue White - - -


610 / 2 102 12
SILO-B-610X127 SILO-W-610X127 610 / 2 127 12
SILO-B-915X102 SILO-W-915X102 915 / 3 102 12
SILO-B-915X127 SILO-W-915X127 915 / 3 127 12
SILO-B-1220X102 SILO-W-1220X102 1220 / 4 102 12
SILO-B-1220X127 SILO-W-1220X127 1220 / 4 127 12
SILO-B-1525X102 SILO-W-1525X102 1525 / 5 102 12
SILO-B-1525X127 SILO-W-1525X127 1525 / 5 127 12
SILO-B-1830X102 SILO-W-1830X102 1830 / 6 102 12
SILO-B-1830X127 SILO-W-1830X127 1830 / 6 127 12

Note: Other materials, diameters, lengths and thicknesses available upon request.

Standard Bin Activator Silo Band Profiles

The following profiles are available in white and blue food quality grades. These are the standard profiles available which are used to manufacture the complete bands in the table above. Due to the manufacturing process size may vary. Other profiles available upon request but may be subject to minimum order quantities.

102mm Silo Band

Product codes: SILO-WFQ-102 (White Food Quality) / SILO-BFQ-102 (Blue Food Quality)

102mm Wide Silo Band


127mm Silo Band

Product codes: SILO-WFQ-127 (White Food Quality) / SILO-BFQ-127 (Blue Food Quality)

127mm Wide Silo Band

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Examples of our Bin Activator Silo Bands

Blue Food Quality Silo Band Rubber Silo Band Extrusion  
Blue Food Quality Silo Band Rubber Silo Band Extrusion  

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