Taylor Ring Gaskets

Taylor Ring Gaskets

Taylor ring gaskets are manufactured from thin sheet metal formed into embossed concentric rings. Taylor ring gaskets may be used with jointing compound or with cord cemented into the corrugations. Taylor ring gaskets are essentially line-contact gaskets with the corrugations providing mechanical support to the compound or cord filling. The resilience of taylor ring gaskets depends on the type and thickness of the metal used as well as the pitch and depth of the corrugations. 

Taylor corrugated gaskets can be manufactured to suit high temperatures and pressures in both narrow and full face flange gaskets. Both standard table joints and specials joints can be supplied and the corrugation applied to each gasket may be increased or decreased depending on your application.


Often used to seal steam, hot water, valves, petroleum, chemical and pressure.

Key Features

  • Temperature: Up to +538°C (depending on the material).
  • Max working pressure: 500 PSI (depending on material).


Size: ¼ up to 8"
Material: Copper, brass, steel, stainless steel and cupro nickel.
Corrugation Size (") Material Max Temp. (°C) Max Working Pressure (PSI)
¼ Brass 260 300
¼ Stainless Steel 538 400
Brass 260 400
Stainless Steel 538 500

* ¼" corrugation will be supplied as standard unless otherwise requested. 

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