Containment Units

Containment Unit  Containment Unit (In Situ)

Containment units (also known as catch-pots) are commonly used in the water treatment and chemical industry to help contain chemical leaks from hose and tubing. In dual containment hose applications, containment units are designed to be fitted around the outside of the inner carrier hose where a connection is required.  This helps to quickly identify and contain any leaks from the joint. Containment units can also be used as a break in the outer containment tube with the inner tube remaining unbroken. This can provide a leak detection point. 

Our containment units are custom made from clear plastic and can be supplied curved or straight with a removable top if required. Pipe fittings and chemical resistant seals can also be incorporated.


Size: Custom made to suit your requirements.

Examples of our Containment Units

Containment Unit
with Hose, Fittings & Clips
Containment Unit with Dual Containment Hose, Fittings & Clips
Containment Unit
with Hinges

Acrylic Containment Unit

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