Ballistic Polycarbonate Sheet

Ballistic Polycarbonate Sheet

Ballistic polycarbonate has a structure made up of layers which help provide strength against ballistic and physical impact. The polycarbonate is lightweight and shatter/spall resistant making it ideal for use in security glazing applications. It features an abrasion resistant coating which helps to preserve the surface's good optical quality.


Ballistic polycarbonate is most commonly used in public security glazing applications, such as in government and bank facilities where there is risk of attack. It is also ideal for use in kiosks and ticket booths.

Key Features

  • Temperature: -75°C up to +100°C, (+120°C short term).
  • Shatter and spall resistant.
  • High impact strength, yet lightweight.
  • Abraison resistant surface.
  • High optical clarity.


Sheet Size (mm) Sheet Thickness (mm)    


2440 x 1220 *

*Denotes manufactured size. Long lead times may apply; please enquire.

Technical Specification: