Prismatic Diffuser Panels

P12 Prismatic Diffuser Panels



Prismatic diffuser panels are manufactured from high quality polycarbonate resin mixed with a UV stabiliser that is added to enhance the life of the sheet under fluorescent lighting conditions. The prismatic diffuser panels are extruded with the P12 style diagonal female prism matrix on the bottom surface. The top surface is smooth making it more suited for vacuum forming, moulding and fabrication; they also can be cut using a circular saw. These diffuser panels are commonly used in lighting applications or as a high quality fire retardant diffuser. Complies and conforms to the British and European fire regulations BC476:Part7:Class1Y, test method NF-EN 60.695 (May 1997) and has been certified as a TP(a) rated product.

Temperature: Up to +90°C

Key Features: Outstanding UV resistance, lightweight and impact resistant. Has excellent light diffusion properties.

Applications: Ideally suited to the following applications that call for TP(a) rated panels: Areas with a higher ambient heat, hospitals, restaurants, schools, sporting facilities, retail outlets, clean rooms, public buildings, office lighting, public areas, refurbishment projects, down lighting.


Sheet Size (mm) Sheet Thickness (mm)
- 3
2500 x 1250 *
2270 x 1140 *
2180 x 1090 *
1850 x 1250 *
1195 x 595 *

*Denotes standard sheet availability.

Note: 2500 x 1250mm sheets are stocked as standard. A 3.1mm thick sheet is available as a special order with either a clear or white/opal effect - please enquire.

Technical Specification:

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