Glass Fibre Filter Media

Glass Fibre Filter Media

Glass fibre filter media is made by extruding molten glass into fine glass fibres with varying sizes and thicknesses. The process involves continuously spinning glass filaments to form a uniform sheet, which is then laminated with a thermosetting resin for added strength and protection. This results in a media that exhibits outstanding dust retention capabilities and enhances filter efficiency.

The material is engineered to facilitate the entry of air particles through its green-coloured surface and their exit through the white backing. The surface is relatively open at the front and denser towards the back, allowing air particles to penetrate deep into the media. This design eliminates the risk of clogging and face loading.

G2 graded glass fibre media is our standard option and is available to purchase in rolls from PAR Direct by clicking the link above. PAR can also supply pre-cut pads for bespoke media holding frames or bag filters upon enquiry to suit specific requirements.


This filter media sits in the course filter group categorised by EN 779 and is graded G2. G2 media has an average arrestance of 65 < Am < 80% and is used in applications where particles are >10µm.

Glass fibre media is often used as a paint stop in spray booths due to the materials excellent resistance to wet particles and its ability to remove paint from the atmosphere.

This air filter media can also be used for pre or main filters in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), pleated media support and panel filters.

Glass fibre filter media should not be used in food or clean room applications.


Roll Length
Roll Width
GFFM-G2-20X1-25 G2 20 1 25 Green & White
GFFM-G2-20X1-75 G2 20 1 75 Green & White
GFFM-G2-20X1-100 G2 20 1 100 Green & White

Note: F6, F7 and F8 grades of glass fibre media are also available but may be subject to longer lead times.

Technical Specification:

Please note, this media has not been tested to EN 779.

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