Anti-Static Needle Felt

Anti-Static Needle Felt

Anti-static needle felt is a durable and abrasion-resistant material extensively employed in dust filtration applications. It exhibits excellent resistance to common acids, solvents, and oxidising agents. Our standard offering includes an anti-static polyester needle felt, incorporating conductive yarns woven into the scrim. This felt type is suitable for applications with a risk of static electrical charges accumulating from specific kinds of dust, such as ground plastics, sugar, and flour. 

This material can be washed/rinsed with a mild detergent to allow for general maintenance.

PAR Group can customise filter sleeves and socks to meet your particular needs. You can conveniently purchase anti-static needle felt online through PAR Direct by clicking the link above.


Filter sleeves and socks are used in the food, wood, metal processing, cement, and quarrying industries.


Roll Length
Roll Width
NFA400-2.15M Superglaze 50 2.15 1.4 White

Technical Specification:

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