Anti-Static Needle Felt

Anti-Static Needle Felt



Anti-static needle felt is a strong, abrasive resistant material commonly used for dust filtration. It has good resistance to common acids, solvents and oxidising agents. We supply anti-static polyester needle felt as standard where conductive yarns are woven into the scrim. This type is suitable for applications where static electrical charges can build up from certain dusts such as ground plastics, sugar and flour. PAR can manufacture filter sleeves and socks to your requirements.

Applications: Filter sleeves and socks in the food, wood, metal processing, cement and quarrying industries.


Product Code: NFA400
Roll Size (mtrs): 50 x 2.15
Thickness (mm): 1.4
Finish: Superglaze
Sleeves and Socks: Manufactured to customer requirements.

Technical Specification:

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