Pleated Panel Filters

Pleated Panel Filters

Pleated panel filters are disposable and often used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC). It is manufactured from a G4 filter media consisting of non-woven cotton fibres that are excellent for collecting dust and are also treated with flame retardant additives. The cotton fibres are laminated onto a mesh backing and pleated during manufacturing to allow consistent airflow through the filter. The finished pleated panels come in a heavy duty cardboard frame box with excellent resistance to tear when wet or dry.

Typically, airflow is lowest at the bottom of the pleat, where contaminants are filtered out. As pollutants build up, the resistance at the bottom of the filter increases, resulting in airflow moving up the side of the pleat. These filters provide an average energy efficiency saving of 30-35% and an arrestance of 93%.

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Pleated panel filters are popular in food, drink and pharmaceutical industries where glass fibre is prohibited. They are used over glass or synthetic panel filters when a more significant dust holding capacity is required. Also commonly used in waste air and ventilation systems to filter coarse dust particles such as pollen and fog or to protect against pollution in air conditioning or compact instruments. In public protection equipment, they act as circulation filters and can also be applied as pre filters.

Key Features  

  • Manufactured to EN 779 for dust air filters for general ventilation.
  • Heavy duty cardboard case with a G4 grade filter.
  • Commonly used in HVAC systems.
  • Up to 35% energy efficiency saving.
  • Average arrestance of 93%.


Product Code Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Grade
PPFG4-495X395X20 495 395 20 G4
PPFG4-495X495X20 495 495 20 G4
PPFG4-595X290X20 595 290 20 G4
PPFG4-595X495X20 595 495 20 G4
PPFG4-595X595X20 595 595 20 G4
PPFG4-622X495X20 622 495 20 G4
PPFG4-495X395X45 495 395 45 G4
PPFG4-495X495X45 495 495 45 G4
PPFG4-595X290X45 595 290 45 G4
PPFG4-595X495X45 595 495 45 G4
PPFG4-595X595X45 595 595 45


PPFG4-622X495X45 622 495 45 G4
PPFG4-496X496X95 496 496 95 G4
PPFG4-595X495X95 595 495 95 G4
PPFG4-595X595X95 595 595 95 G4

Note: Non-standard, bespoke panels can also be manufactured upon request.

Technical Specification:

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