Fire Retardant Acoustic Foam

Fire Retardant Acoustic Foam



Fire retardant acoustic foam (FR25) is a fire retardant polyether based polyurethane foam designed to provide acoustic and fire resistant properties. It is flexible and suitable for curved surfaces. 

Temperature: -30°C to +80°C (+110°C intermittent).

Key Features: Flexible, easy to cut, easy to handle and install, fire retardant, non-dusting, provides excellent sound absorption, suitable for curved surfaces.

Applications: Machinery enclosures, doors, walls, partitions, air conditioning ducts, insulating cabs of industrial vehicles and enclosures for vehicle and boat engines. 


Colour: Grey
Sheet Size (mtrs): 2 x 1.2

Standard, Self-Adhesive, Class O Foil, Melinex

  Facing / Part Number
Thickness (mm) Standard Self-adhesive Class O Foil Melinex
12 ACFS-2X1.2-12 ACFA-2X1.2-12 ACFF-2X1.2-12 ACFM-2X1.2-12
25 ACFS-2X1.2-25 ACFA-2X1.2-25 ACFF-2X1.2-25 ACFM-2X1.2-25
50 ACFS-2X1.2-50 ACFA-2X1.2-50 ACFF-2X1.2-50 ACFM-2X1.2-50

Technical Specification:

Technical Data Sheet