Polyurethane Class O Acoustic Foam

Polyurethane Class O Acoustic Foam



Polyurethane Class O Acoustic Foam is a general purpose acoustic foam manufactured from a fire retardant modified foam designed to meet the stringent requirements of the British Building Regulations. It is flexible, easy to cut, non-toxic and CFC and HCFC free.

Temperature: -30°C to +100°C

Key Features: Flexible, easily cut, lightweight, easy to handle and install. CFC and HCFC free, non-toxic.

Applications: Used for internal and external duct linings, thermal and acoustic machine coverings, suspended ceiling absorptive panels, acoustic flooring and external lagging.


Colour: Dark grey / black
Sheet Size (mtrs): 2 x 1.2

Standard, Self-Adhesive, Class O Foil, Melinex, 200gsm Woven Glass Cloth,

S-V1 Polymeric, SVG1 Vinyl Coated Glass Cloth

Please use the following tables to obtain the part number for the various facings and thicknesses available. 

Availability: Standard, Self-Adhesive, Class O Foil and Melinex Facing

  Facing / Part Number
Thickness (mm) Standard Self-adhesive

Class O Foil

6 ACPS-2X1.2-6 ACPA-2X1.2-6 ACPF-2X1.2-6 ACPM-2X1.2-6
12 ACPS-2X1.2-12 ACPA-2X1.2-12 ACPF-2X1.2-12 ACPM-2X1.2-12
15 ACPS-2X1.2-15 ACPA-2X1.2-15 ACPF-2X1.2-15 ACPM-2X1.2-15
20 ACPS-2X1.2-20 ACPA-2X1.2-20 ACPF-2X1.2-20 ACPM-2X1.2-20
25 ACPS-2X1.2-25 ACPA-2X1.2-25 ACPF-2X1.2-25 ACPM-2X1.2-25
30 ACPS-2X1.2-30 ACPA-2X1.2-30 ACPF-2X1.2-30 ACPM-2X1.2-30
40 ACPS-2X1.2-40 ACPA-2X1.2-40 ACPF-2X1.2-40 ACPM-2X1.2-40
50 ACPS-2X1.2-50 ACPA-2X1.2-50 ACPF-2X1.2-50 ACPM-2X1.2-50
75 ACPS-2X1.2-75 ACPA-2X1.2-75 ACPF-2X1.2-75 ACPM-2X1.2-75
100 ACPS-2X1.2-100 ACPA-2X1.2-100 ACPF-2X1.2-100 ACPM-2X1.2-100

Note: May be available in rolls if required, please enquire.

Availability: Woven Glass Cloth, Polymeric and Vinyl Coated Glass Cloth Facing

  Facing / Part Number

Thickness (mm)

200gsm Woven Glass Cloth

S-V1 Polymeric

SVG1 Vinyl Glass Cloth

6 ACPG-2X1.2-6 ACPP-2X1.2-6 ACPV-2X1.2-6
12 ACPG-2X1.2-12 ACPP-2X1.2-12 ACPV-2X1.2-12
15 ACPG-2X1.2-15 ACPP-2X1.2-15 ACPV-2X1.2-15
20 ACPG-2X1.2-20 ACPP-2X1.2-20 ACPV-2X1.2-20
25 ACPG-2X1.2-25 ACPP-2X1.2-25 ACPV-2X1.2-25
30 ACPG-2X1.2-30 ACPP-2X1.2-30 ACPV-2X1.2-30
40 ACPG-2X1.2-40 ACPP-2X1.2-40 ACPV-2X1.2-40
50 ACPG-2X1.2-50 ACPP-2X1.2-50 ACPV-2X1.2-50
75 ACPG-2X1.2-75 ACPP-2X1.2-75 ACPV-2X1.2-75
100 ACPG-2X1.2-100 ACPP-2X1.2-100 ACPV-2X1.2-100

Note: May be available in rolls if required, please enquire.

Technical Specification:

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