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COR01NIR Grade Cork Sheeting

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Cork sheeting is a highly compressible material suitable for low and medium bolt pressure applications.  It also has good flexibility, resilience and good resistance to fuel and oil resistance. These characteristics make cork sheeting a popular general purpose gasket material. PAR Group offer SBR/nitrile bonded cork sheeting (ref CORNB) as standard and can supply CNC cut gaskets, strips and sheets to your requirement.

Temperature: -20°C to +120°C

Applications: Gaskets, washers, anti-vibration, crocodile strips, pipe insulation and roller covering.


Product Code Roll Length (mtrs) Roll Width (mtrs) Thickness (mm)
CORNB-1M-0.75 83 1 0.75
CORNB-1M-1 66 1 1
CORNB-1M-1.5 44 1 1.5
CORNB-1M-2 33 1 2
CORNB-1M-3 22 1 3
CORNB-1M-6 11 1 6
CORNB-1M-10 1 1 10
CORNB-1M-12 1 1 12

Note: Availability is based on SBR/nitrile bonded cork sheeting (CORNB). Other thicknesses available depending on grade required. Please enquire for more information.

Available Cork Sheeting Grades

The following are our grades of cork sheeting available. Please click the images below for technical specifications and information.

CORNB (standard grade) COR04SBR COR05NES
COR01NIR - Technical Data Sheet COR04SBR - Technical Data Sheet COR05NES - Technical Data Sheet
Granule Size: 2-3
Binder: SBR/Nitrile
Granule Size: 1-2
Binder: Synthetic
Granule Size: 0.5-1
Binder: Neop Sponge
COR15NER - Technical Data Sheet COR20NNR - Technical Data Sheet COR40NIR - Technical Data Sheet
Granule Size: 0.5-1
Binder: Neoprene
Granule Size: 0.5-1
Binder: Neop/Nitrile
Granule Size: 0.5-1
Binder: Nitrile
COR06NIR - Technical Data Sheet    
Granule Size: 0.5-1
Binder: Nitrile

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