Ceramic Fibre Blankets

Ceramic Fibre Blankets

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Ceramic fibre blankets are manufactured from high temperature ceramic fibres and are designed to offer an effective solution to a wide range of thermal management issues.

Temperature: Up to +1400°C

Key Features: High temperature stability, high strength and good flexibility. Low thermal conductivity, good acoustic properties and easy to install.

Applications: Heat shields, seals and gaskets, pipe and ducting wrap, kiln and furness linings, steam turbine insulation, pipe insulation, investment casting mould wraps, exhaust lining, fire protection systems.


Densities (kg/m³) 64, 96, 128, 160
Length: Various depending on thickness required.
Width (mm): 610 (as standard), 1200*
Thickness (mm): 6 up to 50
Blankets Supplied: Fiberfrax®, Kaowool™, Cera, Insulfrax®, Isofrax®, Superwool, Firemaster®

* 1200mm wide may be subject to minimum order quantities.

Technical Specification:

Material Safety Data Sheet - Fiberfrax® / Durablanket®

Material Safety Data Sheet - Insulfrax®

Material Safety Data Sheet - Isofrax®

Material Safety Data Sheet - Superwool™

Technical Data Sheet - Firemaster®

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