Ceramic Fibre Papers

Ceramic Fibre Papers

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Ceramic fibre papers are manufactured from high temperature ceramic fibres and offer high performance and flexibility for a wide range of insulation applications.

Temperature: Up to +1260°C

Key Features: High temperature stability and good flexibility. Lightweight, resistant to thermal shock and low thermal conductivity.

Applications: Gaskets, induction furnace installation, back-up insulation in launder systems, automotive heat shields, expansion joints, fire protection.


Length: Various depending on thickness required.
Width (mm): 500 up to 1260
Thickness (mm): 1 up to 10
Papers Supplied: Fiberfrax®, Kaowool™, Insulfrax®, Superwool™, Thermatex, Mica Paper.

Technical Specification:

Material Safety Data Sheet - Fiberfrax® 

Material Safety Data Sheet - Insulfrax®

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