Ceramic Fibre Papers

Ceramic Fibre Papers

Ceramic fibre papers are manufactured from high-purity alumina-silicate fibres and selected bonding agents to create an extremely flexible, lightweight material. This uniform refractory paper offers outstanding resistance to thermal shock, flame and provides exceptional tensile and dielectric strength. When ignited, the agents used to bind the fibres completely burn out, leaving the alumina-silicate fibres to act as a thermal barrier at temperatures up to +1260°C.

Ceramic fibre paper is commonly used in applications where flexibility is required. It can be used as a secondary insulating barrier or to wrap pipework in high-temperature environments. The material can also be converted into gaskets and it is easily cut using a sharp knife or die-cutting tools.

Our standard range of ceramic fibre papers are unbranded and can be purchased in full rolls online at PAR Direct by clicking on the link above. 


Gaskets, seals or linings for high-temperature appliances such as ovens, kilns, furnaces and boilers. Ceramic fibre paper can also be used as a replacement for asbestos paper, backup insulation in launder systems, automotive heat shields, expansion joints, fire and spark protection, wrapping high-temperature pipe casting or as a one-use consumable insulator. 

Key Features

  • Temperature: Up to +1260°C.
  • High-temperature stability.
  • Good flexibility and is lightweight.
  • Resistant to thermal shock.
  • Low thermal conductivity and heat storage.
  • Easy to cut and install.
  • Asbestos free.


We supply unbranded ceramic fibre paper as standard. Branded alternatives are available upon request.











CFP-30MX610X2MM 200 30 610 2
CFP-15MX610X3MM 200 15 610 3
CFP-10MX610X5MM 200 10 610 5
CFP-10MX610X6MM 200 10 610 6
CFP-30MX1000X2MM 200 30 1000 2
CFP-20MX1000X3MM 200 20 1000 3
CFP-12MX1000X5MM 200 12 1000 5
CFP-10MX1000X6MM 200 10 1000 6

Other sizes and thicknesses are also available but may be subject to longer lead times, please enquire. 

Technical Specification:

Other Brands of Ceramic Fibre Papers Available 

PAR can supply a range of branded alternatives to ceramic fibre papers including; Fiberfrax®, Kaowool™, Superwool­™, Thermatex and Mica paper. Please see below for technical data or enquire if any further information is required.

Brand Name Material Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet
Fiberfrax® MSDS TDS
Kaowool™ MSDS TDS


- -
Insulfrax® MSDS -
Thermatex - -
Mica Paper - -

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