Clip Type Flexible Ductings

Clip Type Flexible Ducting

Clip type flexible ductings are manufactured in a range of high temperature coated fabrics reinforced with an outer steel clamp spiral. They are very flexible, durable, and are are available in various grades to suit your application. Clip type flexible ducting is commonly used for the extraction of high temperature air, fumes and gases in many industries. The following are our most common types; please follow the links below for more information.

6526 - Hypalon Clip 6527 - Glass Cloth Clip (400°C) 6528 - Silicone Glass Cloth Clip (450°C)
6526 - Hypalon® Clip Ducting 6527 - Glass Cloth Clip Ducting (400°C) 6528 - Silicone Glass Cloth Clip Ducting (450°C)
6529 - High Temp Cloth Clip (650°C) 6531 - Neoprene Clip 6537 - PVC Coated Polyester Clip
6529 - High Temperature Clip Ducting (650°C) 6531 - Neoprene Clip Ducting 6537 - PVC Coated Polyester Clip Ducting
6539 - PVC Coated Glass Cloth Clip    
6539 - PVC Coated Glass Fabric Clip Ducting    

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