American Compressor Claw Couplings

American compressor claw couplings are manufactured from iron that is zinc passivated to reduce the risk of surface corrosion. The couplings have incorporated holes within the housing unit so the fittings can be locked together with the use of a safety clip preventing the risk of accidental disconnection. Often referred to as crow foot, Chicago or air king couplings, PAR can supply these fittings with serrated hose tails, NPT male or NPT female threads.

American claw couplings have a similar appearance to European claw couplings, however, the distance of the locking lugs is slightly different at 41mm. These fittings can be easily connected and are interchangeable with other options of the same type by rotating the unit 45° degrees.

Our standard range of compressor claw couplings come supplied with a black nitrile seal and can be purchased at PAR Direct by clicking the button above.


Commonly used for compressed air applications in a range of industries which include; offshore rigs, chemical plants, oil refineries, construction plus many more.

Key Features

  • Distance between lugs: 41mm.
  • Designed for compressed air applications.
  • Interchangeable with similar type couplings.
  • Special pin lock feature.


Also available: Rubber air hose.

Compressor Claw Coupling x Hose Tail

Compressor Claw Couplings - American - Hose Tail 
Product Code Size (Hose Tail)
AK038HE 3/8"
AK050HE ½"
AK075HE ¾"
AK100HE 1"

Compressor Claw Coupling x Male NPT

Compressor Claw Couplings - American - Male NPT 
Product Code Size (NPT Male Thread)
AK038M 3/8"
AK050M ½"
AK075M ¾"
AK100M 1"

Compressor Claw Coupling x Female NPT

Compressor Claw Couplings - American - Female NPT 
Part Number Size (NPT Female Thread)
AK038F 3/8"
AK050F ½"
AK075F ¾"
AK100F 1"

Compressor Claw Coupling Triple Connector

Compressor Claw Couplings - American - 3 Way Triple Connector 

Product Code Description
AKT American compressor claw triple connector.

Compressor Claw Coupling Safety Pin

Product Code Description
AKP Compressor claw safety pin.

Compressor Claw Coupling Safety Hose Clamp (American and European)

Safety Hose Clamp (American and European) 
Part Number Size Range (mm)
AKC4 25 - 30
AKC9 29 - 33
AKC10 33 - 38
AKC14 38 - 46