Twist Hose Couplings

Twist hose couplings are designed for low pressure water and irrigation systems. Twist hose couplings are sometimes known as "GEKA" and are manufactured in brass. The connecting heads are identical for all thread and hose tail sizes, so all dimensions can be threaded together without the need for adaptors. The blanking cap and gasket are universal.

Twist Hose Coupling - Hose Tail

Twist Hose Coupling - Hose Tail  




Product Code Size
GH050 1/2"
GH075 3/4"
GH100 1"
GH125 1¼"
GH150 1½"

Twist Hose Coupling - Male BSPP

Twist Hose Coupling - Male BSPP  




Product Code Size
GM050 1/2"
GM075 3/4"
GM100 1"
GM125 1¼"
GM150 1½"

Twist Hose Coupling - Female BSPP

Twist Hose Coupling - Female BSPP  




Product Code Size
GF050 1/2"
GF075 3/4"
GF100 1"
GF125 1¼"
GF150 1½"

Twist Hose Coupling - Blank Cap

Blank Cap  




Product Code Size
GBC Universal

Twist Hose Coupling - Gasket

Twist Hose Coupling - Gasket  




Product Code Size
GG Universal

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