European Compressor Claw Couplings

European compressor claw couplings are manufactured in accordance to DIN 3489 from iron that is zinc passivated for added protection to environmental factors. The couplings have two lugs located on the locking head that can be quickly connected to existing claw or 'Q' type units and are available with barbed hose tails, BSPP female or BSPT male threads. 

European claw couplings have a 42mm distance between the locking lugs, which differs slightly to the American alternative, and are affixed with ease by rotating the coupling until the claws are 45° apart. 

Our standard range of claw couplings come supplied with a black nitrile seal and are available to purchase at PAR Direct by clicking the 'Buy Online' button above. 


Claw couplings are used to connect pneumatic tools and systems across the UK and Europe in a wide range of industries including; construction, agriculture and horticulture.

Key Features

  • Distance between lugs: 42mm.
  • Suitable for compressed air applications.
  • Manufactured in accordance with DIN 3489.
  • Double lock safety feature.
  • Simple cross connection regardless of size or hose.
  • Interchangeable with 'Q' Type couplings.


Also available: Rubber air hose.

Compressor Claw Coupling x Hose Tail

Compressor Claw Coupling - European - Hose Tail
Product Code Size (Hose Tail)
C038HE 3/8"
C050HE ½"
C075HE ¾"
C100HE 1"

Compressor Claw Coupling x Male BSPT

Compressor Claw Coupling - European - Male BSPT
Product Code Size (BSPT Male Thread)
C038M 3/8"
C050M ½"
C075M ¾"
C100M 1"

Compressor Claw Coupling x Female BSPP

Compressor Claw Coupling - European - Female BSPP
Product Code Size (BSPP Female Thread)
C038F 3/8"
C050F ½"
C075F ¾"
C100F 1"

Compressor Claw Coupling Safety Hose Clamp

Compressor Claw Coupling - European - Hose Clamp
Product Code Size Range (mm)
DIDB22 17 - 22
DIDB29 22 - 29
DIDB34 27 - 32
DIDB40 32 - 39

Compressor Claw Coupling Replacement Seal

Compressor Claw Coupling - European - Universal Gasket

Product Code Description
AKG Compressor claw replacement rubber seal.

Compressor Claw Coupling Safety Pin

Safety Pin

Product Code Description
AKP Compressor claw safety pin.

Compressor Claw Coupling Safety Hose Clamp (American and European)

Safety Hose Clamp (American and European)
Product Code Size Range (mm)
AKC4 25 - 30
AKC9 29 - 33
AKC10 33 - 38
AKC14 38 - 46