Fire Hydrant Key and Bar

Fire Hydrant Key and Bar 
Fire hydrant key and bar are manufactured from aluminium and have a 35mm square opening at their base. They are designed to turn the valve mechanism on an underground hydrant.
Product Code Size (Length - mm) Key Base Dimension (mm²)
HK49 1036 35

Fire Hydrant Key Extension

Fire Hydrant Key Extension 
Fire hydrant key extensions are for use where the ground level has been raised and access with regular equipment is limited. A hydrant key extension is connected between the key base and the hydrant spindle. It has a 35mm square opening at its base and is manufactured from steel with a durable blue hammerite finish.
Product Code Size (Length - mm) Key Base Dimension (mm²)
HKE51-150 150 35
HKE51-200 200 35
HKE51-300* 300 35
HKE51-400 400 35
HKE51-500 500 35
HKE51-600* 600 35

Manufactured to order.

*Stocked as standard, all other sizes available upon request, please enquire.

False Spindle

False Spindle 
False spindles are adaptors for fire hydrant keys and extensions. They are used when an underground hydrant spindle is a non-standard size (typically 35mm²) and enable the valve mechanism to be turned. False spindles are manufactured from cast iron and have a blue powder coated finish as standard.
Product Code Top Dimension (mm²) Key Base Dimension (mm²)
FSP-19 35 19
FSP-21 35 21
FSP-23 35 23
FSP-25 35 25
FSP-28 35 28
FSP-32 35 32

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